The Nunnery

The authentic architectural complex of The Nunnery dates back to the 18th and 19th century. The monastery was set up by Grandma Fota in the place of the Hilendar nunnery. In 1872 the Code of the nunnery was registered into the chronicles of Mitropolitska church. The nuns made their living by spinning and weaving and they supported a girls’school. Its patron saint’s day is 1st October – The Holy Virgin’s Mantle. The people of Samokov believed that the Holy Virgin would spread herbmantle over the town thus protecting it from ruin.

The new church was consecrated in 1839 and Zahari Zograf started icon-painting it with the scene of the Holy Virgin – the Protector in the narthex. The famous Samokov artist Dimitar Zograf also painted icons in the church.

The relics of St. Sava of Serbia have been kept in the nunnery.

Used text and photos of „Samokov Guide“-Authors:Nina Hristovskа, Nevena Mitreva, Desislava Kanazirova, Lyubomir Nikolov.