Belyova church

Belyova church is the oldest Christian shrine within the confines of the town. It lies on the foundations of a late antique basilica from 4th – 5th century. It was named after boyar Belyo, who built this church in 1389, as legend has it. The shrine The Birth of the Holy Virgin was covered with earth in the 17th century. The underlying mural layer was dated to that time. By the end of the 19th century the murals had faded and had been covered with mould. That’s why it was the primary aim of the craftsmen’s unions to extensively rebuild the church. The mural decoration as well as some of the icons were painted by Nikola Obrazopisov and his assistants Dimitar Hristov and Hristo Zografski. The iconostasis was made by famous wood carvers from Samokov such as Stoycho Fandakov. The drinking fountain, the holy spring and the western part of the church the narthex were built from 1879 to 1891. Great celebrations used to be held at Easter and at the Birth of The Holy Virgin at Belyova church. The house hosts Zahari Zografs Children’s school of arts.

Used text and photos of „Samokov Guide“-Authors: Nina Hristovskа, Nevena Mitreva, Desislava Kanazirova, Lyubomir Nikolov.