Tourist Information Center “Samokov”

Samokov Tourist Information Center is pleased to provide an expert information to the guests of the town, related to the travel and stay in Samokov and its surroundings. This is the place where the visitors can find information about the cultural and historical sights of the town, about mountain hiking, about hotels and restaurants, transport services and get free maps of the town as well as advertising brochures of the tourist objects.

The Tourist information center is situated in the building of Municipality Samokov – to the right of the main entrance.
Address: 2000 Samokov, Macedonia 34th Street

Working hours:
Every day: 9.00h. – 17:00h.

You can get answers to all your questions directly to:
Phone.: 0722 60019
Mobile.: 0885 838380

The team of the Tourist Information Center will be glad to respond and help you to enjoy your stay in Samokov!