Mitropolitska church

Mitropolitska church – The Assumption of the Holy Virgin, which was the residence of the bishop of Samokov bishopry, was built in 1712 as a one-altar church. From 1783 to 1795 it was enlarged and reconstructed and that continued up to 1835 when the two side altars were put up. Some of the big icons were painted in Mount Athos and the wood-carved iconostasis was commissioned to master Andonii in one of the Athos monasteries. Some of the icons with scenes from the New Testament were created by Hristo Dimitrov (1745-1819). After the second extensive reconstruction the iconostasis was enlarged by master Atanas Teladur and the icons were painted by Dimitar Zograf, Zahari Zograf, Ivan Iconopisets, Nikola Obrazopisov and other representatives of Samokov School of Arts.

The arcade was built after the Liberation and the belfry was put up in 1892. The drinking fountain dates back to 1870.

Used text and photos of „Samokov Guide“-Authors: Nina Hristovskа, Nevena Mitreva, Desislava Kanazirova, Lyubomir Nikolov.