Samokov and region

Samokov is a town with modern appearance, combining historical heritage, culture, sports spirit and the beauty of the surrounding nature in its development. Located in the high Samokov valley – 950 meters above sea level, crossed by the clear waters of the Iskar River and its feeders and surrounded by several mountains – Rila, Plan, Vitosha Verila and Ihtiman forest, the town is known for its rich cultural heritage. The present town was founded in the early 15th century over the ruins of an ancient settlement. The town achieved economic prosperity in the 17 to 19 century due to the iron production in the famous for that time iron-melting furnaces and mechanical hammers, called “Samokovi”. They give the name of the town that remains unchanged up to now. Currently ongoing archeological excavations reveal rich cultural layers of Thracian, Roman and Byzantine period.
Samokov successfully build its future and attracts tourists in and around the town while keeping its history and recreate the Renaissance spirit and modern development in harmony.

Samokov is the center of the municipality with 24 settlements. It is situated in the northern foot of Rila Mountain, crossed by the Iskar River, 950 m above sea level, with cool summer and snowy winter with lots of sunshine. 10 km from the town is Borovets – the oldest winter resort in Bulgaria with great opportunities for winter sports. In the summer, well-marked hiking trails and eco paths lead to the highest peak on Balkan Peninsula-Musala (2925 m),to the peak Malyovitsa and the Seven Rila Lakes.
Samokov is one of the 100 national tourist sites. Regular bus lines connect the town with the capital Sofia – at a distance of 60 km and Plovdiv at a distance of 110 km.