Shishmanovo Kale

The fortress Shishmanovo Kale is situated on the road to the villages Govedartsi and Beli Iskar. There is a large sign on the road indicated the country road to the fortress. According to data from the archaeologists there was fortress wall and a monastery beyond the wall. The builds are from the time of Roman Empire. The Monastery complex was burned in the VII century AD.
On the top of the hill there is a cross, the symbol of the Bulgarian faith.
This Monument was declared an archaeological monument of national importance.
The place is revered by the populations as battlefield of the final battle of King Shishman with the Turks and as the grave of King Shishman. Perhaps here in 1388 in a battle with the Turks actually died, not the king himself , but his brother Ivan Asen V Shishman.