Royal Bistrica

“Royal Bistrica” is a former palace of the rulers of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom. Located above the resort of Borovets in Rila. It was built between 1898 and 1914 and was performing the functions of a hunting lodge for the kings Ferdinand I and Boris III. Architectural appearance is influenced by the traditional Bulgarian style but together with this it could be seen also European architectural influences. Royal Bistrica is an important part of the history of the last Bulgarian Tsar dynasty.

Powerplant that supplies electricity to the palace, was built in 1912, with parts of Siemens. It operates today in its original form.

The park surrounding the palace is very beautiful and well-arranged. Very rare tree species are collected here – Ferdinand had hobby to bring young trees of rare species from places around the world which he has visited.

Through the estate flows river Bistrica, which is domesticated and terraced, and the small bridge and walks around it are suitable for romantic walks.