Sports hall “Arena Samokov”

Multifunctional sports hall of Samokov – “Arena Samokov” is located in the central part of the city and lies 70 km from the airport and central station Sofia , 130 km from Plovdiv airport and 10 km from the Borovets resort. The hall was built in 2007 and came in service on 08.03.2008. It is designed for 26 different sports, including basketball, volleyball, handball, futsal, gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, wrestling, boxing, judo, martial sports, weightlifting, sport dance, aerobics and more.

The main hall has a capacity of 2,000 seats, with an option for an additional 300 seats and VIP box with 46 seats.
The size of the playing field is 42 m long, 25 m wide and 18 m high.
The size of the training hall is 30 m long, 18 m wide, 8 m high and two additional fields with a width of 4.5 m.
Aerobics room with a size 10/8 m with special flooring.
Hall of modern dance and ballet size 10/10 m.
Training hall size 10/10 m.
Press conference hall – with 40 seats.
VIP room – for 20 people.

In “Arena Samokov” there is also:
8 dressing rooms for 20 people;
2 referee rooms;
medical center and zone for doping test;
12 methodical offices;
GYM with 2 saunas, jacuzzi, contrast shower and massage room;